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Information for seafarers (MLC 2006).

Baltimex sp. z o.o. is employment agency providing human resource consulting registered and acting in Poland. Baltimex is acting as a seafarer recruitment and placement agency always following regulations of MLC 2006 Convention, especially: 1. No fees or other charges for seafarer recruitment or placement. 2. Applications of seamen under 18 years old will be rejected. 3. Obtaining passport, seafarer’s book, medical and other STCW training/certificates are seafarer’s expenses. 4. All seamen are treated equally – regardless sex, religion or age. 5. Baltimex co-operates with clients meeting MLC 2006 Convention requirements. 6. Priority of Baltimex is full co-operation considering communication between Agency – Seaman and Agency - Seafarer’s family. Baltimex informs and assists to establish contacts Seafarer/family always charge free and without delays. 7. Baltimex always allows seafarers to examine their employment agreements, and after they are signed, a copy of SEA is given to them. 8. Baltimex posses „Complaint procedure” as per MLC 2006 available also on webside. 9. Baltimex recruitment and placement service is operated in an orderly manner and measures are in place to protect and promote seafarers’ employment rights, and upgrade his qualifications.

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