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Procedure of complaints submitted by seafarers.

Every seaman has a right to submit complaint concerned with the activities of seafarer recruitment and placement services of Baltimex and their clients. Seafarer should be convinced that his complaint is arguable. President or proxy of Baltimex has to be always informed about a/m complaint. Such a complaint should include detailed description and expected claims. Baltimex responsibility starts when contract Owner/Seafarer is signed. Seafarer’s complaint can be submitted by: - mail – sending letter to: Baltimex sp. z o.o. ul. P. Skargi 5a; 71-422 Szczecin; - phone - to Baltimex personnel advisers (tel. +48914221130; +48914234097) - e-mail – sending message to: baltimex@baltimex.pl - direct in Baltimex office, entering note to „Baltimex Complaint Book”. Baltimex is obliged to respond with confirmation of complaint receipt within 5 working days. Complaint receipt confirmation should include firm information on fixed terms of resolution using way of communication chosen by seaman. Complaint on Baltimex activities will be solved within 15 working days from confirmation date and complaint on Baltimex’ Client respectively in 30 days. In case of the resolution against seafarer’s expectations, Baltimex is obliged to show him another/further possibilities to settle his claims. Finally, Baltimex is reporting all unsolved complains to Maritime Authority in Szczecin.

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